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In addition to our work in executive search, Kennedy also offers broader consulting services:

Leadership Advisory Services--Building an effective workforce is more than attracting, sourcing, selecting and retaining talented candidates, it also involves an actionable “people strategy” process that aligns your organizations goals and objectives with human capital strategies. As your partner in this in-depth analysis of current executive’s managerial and leadership skills, we will counsel your organization on how to best set the course for high-impact team contribution.

Talent assessment is integral in determining the optimal organizational structure. The thoughtful fusion of the best candidates and the best cultural fit will ensure a strong leadership pool and give you the necessary competitive advantage. It is imperative for any organization to determine their inventory of executives against their current and future critical positions. Performing a leadership audit and collecting marketplace intelligence can ensure the perfect alignment of demand and readiness. Strategic succession planning enables you to be ready for transformation, whether it is through reorganization, marketplace fluctuation or a merger and acquisition situation. Kennedy can assist you in this people assessment due diligence processes.

Project Management Search--Kennedy Services and Solutions has a proven track record of successful completion of large staffing projects. We deliver qualified candidates in a pre-determined time frame allowing our clients to build an effective workforce at an accelerated pace. Our commitment to continual communication and customized service enables our clients to optimize their workforce investment.

Compensation Strategy--Along with providing your organization with competitive intelligence in the areas of cash compensation and total reward programs, we are also available to assist you in defining and developing your organization’s overall performance and compensation philosophy.

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