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Your company is a human-capital mosaic; each piece is distinctive, yet all contribute to a cohesive whole. When one piece is missing, it can only be replaced through craftsmanship, diplomacy and experience. Your Kennedy & Company consultant takes pride in a job well done, becoming totally immersed in your company, the position and your expectations.

The earliest steps in our process are critical to a successful search engagement. We meet with your team at your offices to gain insight into your philosophy and environment, and to define the issues associated with the position. A needs-assessment enables us to develop a thorough description of the position and profile of the ideal candidate. By working closely with you, we become a part of your company and its culture. This up-front, in-depth analysis enables us to present you with only the most closely matched candidates.

All prospective candidates are screened in an initial, objective evaluation. Many are eliminated early in the process, while a select group advances to in-depth, personal interviews to analyze their qualifications, genuine interest and ability to harmonize with your culture. These meticulous measures narrow our focus to the selection of prime candidates whom we present to your decision-makers.

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